To accelerate progress toward a more equitable world by addressing the barriers that keep traditionally impoverished communities and at risk youth from being fully active in their homes, economies, and societies. We want to create awareness of the value of education and entrepreneurship.  That is why we shall endeavour to create and maintain equality into the fabric of communities and invest in removing the barriers that keep the youth (especially girls) from being fully economically active and bringing about sustainable and tangible change in a positive manner. Our approach starts with enhancing the access to opportunities to participate in the economy and improving the collection and use of data on entrepreneurship issues, so at risk youth are counted and considered in policymaking. With an emphasis on reaching low-income communities, we support the work of partners to break down structural barriers to growth and positive change and help impoverished communities to overcome existing, day to day barriers. The youth can only truly steer away from a life of crime and successfully participate in and benefit from the economy, when governments and institutions provide them with opportunities to gain employment, access services and support, and earn fair compensation for their work. We aim to understand the structural barriers that these impoverished communities face such as lack of affordable childcare, educational opportunities, and access to bank accounts and credit and support proven methods to break down those barriers.

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