Where does the Endorphin Foundation fit among the other institutions trying to improve the world? It was formed explicitly to benefit the public good We aim to get the private and public sectors working together to deliver jointly.

Our mission is to create entrepreneurs and sustainable business ecosystems to reduce unemployment and uplift entire impoverished communities, so every person has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. The fundamental purpose of the foundation is to empower the youth with practical skills and training in order to effectively implement sustainable solutions to uplift the impoverished and give back.

Covid-19 has made everyone realise how valuable time is and that all lives are equal. That is why I made the decision to establish the Endorphin Foundation so we can help others. The Foundation started off by focusing on meaningful and high-impact way of helping needy people during covid times by assisting children who needed to stay in school by paying their schools fees, donating books and also assisting families that were affected by the pandemic with rental payments and food and clothing hampers. As our commitment is to grow the foundation globally to help where help is needed. We realised this is journey and the more partners we can bring on board the quicker we can succeed.

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